Newsletter Ericsson Seglarklubb

Hi all,

I hope you are all fine and prepared to go to sea!

The weather has been a bit up and down, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for a good season.


15 members joined in and visited the Skeppsholmsgården visit and we enjoyed the description of the facilities related to the “Shamrock” ship.

The activities at Skeppsholmsgården circulated around the “Shamrock” and maintenance and even a forge (sv smedja) was built for it.

Frykis regatta

Frykisregattan is an upcoming event in June. Please find all information needed on the Frykisregattan home page:

There will be another one in August.

Ericsson Seglarklubb sponsors prices, so the participants will get souvenirs and useful equipment.

The Frykisregattan gives a great opportunity to meet the other Ericsson (and Ericsson related) sailors!

If you want, and there is a reasonable amount of participants, we could invite to the basic training we had last year. Please let me know and we could set it up!

Interest of members

Stefan Lundeqvist, our new activity responsible, has sent out a short survey to understand the members wishes for activities. Kindly respond to that one, so that we can govern our activities in the right direction.

Navigation training

Surprisingly many members have passed the Navigation training provided by the club and “Sjölotsen” jointly. For the spring 2016, we decided that the number of participants would be too few.

There could be time for a VHF-training, but then please advise shortly, in order to get it up and running in time. Normally one occasion is enough for the training and then there is a test to pass!


Best wishes for the coming sailing!

Donald Bratt

Chairman Ericsson Seglarklubb