Ocean sailing evening on Nov 29th

Jan and OlaTen members showed up to learn about long distance sailing from the Swedish Ocean Sailing Club (OSK). Jan and Ola from OSK shared both their own experiences and facts about the club with great enthusiasm.

Some facts about OSK

OSK has about 700 active members. Lots of activities are on the agenda with different types of gathering almost every week during the winter season and a monthly magazine.


Training for members is arranged on relevant topics such as an introduction course on ocean sailing, radar training, VHF and SSB radio and Spanish for sailors!

Jan presenting his journey

Jan gave us an inspiring summary of his project to cross the Atlantic and cruise the Caribbean. Even though at home during the Hurricane season, the trip lasted more than two years.


Jan ended with convincing us that we can all do a trip like this. It’s more about making a decision and setting a date to really make it happen. To be well prepared and have a proper review of the boat is essential, but Jan sailed with a relatively small (31 feet) and 35 year old boat!