Årsmöte på båtmässan i Älvsjö



Tilltugg av något slag!

PLATS: Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö

Utskick med inbjudan och möjlighet att erhålla biljett kommer att ske per email första veckan i februari till de medlemmar som betalt årsavgift 2016 och/eller 2017.

Christmas letter from the chairman

Dear Ericsson sailors!

Another year has elapsed and we can look back on a good year for the Club.

We’ve had a sailing event on the infamous “Lilla Värtan” and more recently, we’ve had the Ocean sailors visiting us.

From a sailing perspective, the year 2016 got the main headlines from the Olympic Games. Sweden wasn’t that successful this year and it is, of course, a bit different to sail in an environment dominated by the press and TV instead of being able to focus “on your own thing”. Competition spends months on this, years in advance, and the Swedish team, though very costly, isn’t even close.But that’s far away from our normal sailing experiences.

To sail over the ocean – the Atlantic was described in the meeting – is something we all could do. It is, however, a lot of work before going out on the sea. The advice was that you should update your present boat as you know it so well. To buy a boat for such a purpose is, of course, a good idea, but the sailor has to get acquainted with it. The most important thing is to decide when you are to leave, then the planning can be done.

For the Sailing Club, the end of the year has become a bit turbulent as we will lose two member of the board. They have asked for and received the “package”. Even though they are more than welcome to remain on the board (on board!), it would be good to review the interest from regular employees to fill in.

Please contact us if you are interested!

So, we’ll meet soon on our yearly meeting at Älvsjömässan (2017-03-04—12).

All the best wishes for the Christmas weekends and the coming new year 2017!

Happy Sailing,
Donald Bratt

F-SWE-1358 Sjöjungfrun